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We pledge to provide our clients zealous representation while providing assessments with regards to potential liability, and to balance those assessments with estimates of anticipated litigation costs.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to quickly and efficently analyze the issues pertaining to liability in each case we are are assigned.  If liability should be clear, our goal is to resolve the case for the best possible value while preventing unnecessary legal fees and expenses.  We are likewise willing to assist our clients in educational endeavors with their employees or their own clients to provide insight into how to avoid litigation and minimize risks of litigation in the future.  

We further pledge to provide timely assessments to our clients with regards to potential liability and exposure, and to balance those assessments with estimates of anticipated litigation costs.  We likewise pledge to be prepared to try any and all cases that we defend.  Cases should not be settled at any point in litigation due to an attorney’s lack of desire to take the matter to trial.  Accordingly, Casey Bailey & Maines employs only attorneys who are not intimidated by a court room.

We also pledge to use resources in a cost efficient manner, including the use of our paralegal staff to its fullest potential.  Our goal is to form a long term relationship with each and every client, and submit that our results will garner trust that such relationship is beneficial for all involved.